Bringing Machine Learning and Data Mining to OTC Markets

Natural Language Processing to fit your workflow.
We believe systems should adapt to you, not the opposite.

Revealing hidden structures and signals in the information.
We believe there is more than what you can see.

Selecting the relevant information and distribution.
We believe in targeted content for a targeted audience.

Efficient and automated detection of anomalies.
We believe you have better things to do than cleaning your data manually.

Adding value rather than withholding information.
We believe in the power of collaborative systems and open data.

Our Products

Continuously analysing messages and trade data to provide high quality valuations in Credit Derivatives.
Automatic extraction of data, within messages, powered by AI.
A comprehensive environment for CDS trading where risk analysis is cluster based.
Organising time series of financial data into clusters to visualize relative value.

An inspiring environment

Applying your current scientific knowledge to very concrete business applications is exciting.